Software Engineer – (React & Angular)

Posted 7 months ago

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Software Engineer – (React & Angular) to join our dynamic team.

Skill RequirementAngular 60% + React 40%


Angular JS :

  • Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components
  • Creating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elements and modules of core AngularJS
  • Architecting and automating the build process for production, using task runners or scripts
  • Banking or Retail domains are must have.
  • Writing tested, idiomatic, and documented JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Ability to Coordinate the workflow between the graphic designer, the HTML coder, and self
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS and JS methods for providing performant visual effects and keeping the framerate above 30fps at all times
  • Thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the platform, database, API, caching layer, proxies, and other web services used in the system
  • Writing non-blocking code, and resorting to advanced techniques such as multi-threading, when needed
  • Documenting the code inline using JSDoc or other conventions
  • Experience with all levels of operation available to the front-end, such as from creating XHRs in vanilla JS to using a custom wrapper around $resource
  • Knowledge on Nodejs, Java Script, Angular material and Bootstrap
  • Knowledge on external libraries like devolte, store management

React JS

  • Minimum 5 years of coding experience in ReactJS (TypeScript), HTML, CSS-Pre-processors, or CSS-in-JS in creating Enterprise Applications with high performance for Responsive Web Applications.
  • Minimum 5 years of coding experience in NodeJS, JavaScript & TypeScript and NoSQL Databases.
  • Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using React concepts. (self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components)
  • Architecting and automating the build process for production, using task runners or scripts
  • Knowledge of Data Structures for TypeScript.
  • Monitoring and improving front-end performance.
  • Banking or Retail domains knowledge is good to have.
  • Hands on experience in performance tuning, debugging, monitoring.

Education: Degree, Post graduate in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent industry experience)

Location: Dubai

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